What Does a Digital Marketer Do? (2023 Guide)

What Does a Digital Marketer Do? (2023 Guide). Hey there, young bloggers! Today, I’m going to talk about something super cool – digital marketing! You might have heard of it before, but don’t worry if it sounds a bit fancy. I’ll explain everything in the simplest way possible, just like you’re talking to your best friend.

So, what does a digital marketer do? Well, think of a digital marketing as a superhero for businesses on the internet. They help businesses get noticed, make more friends (customers!), and do it all online. Let’s dive in and find out more about what they do.

1. Finding the Right Words

Imagine you have a lemonade stand, and you want people to come and buy your yummy lemonade. A digital marketer helps you find the perfect words to tell everyone about your lemonade. They write friendly messages, like “Best Lemonade in Town!” or “Cool Lemonade Stand Alert!” to make people curious and excited to visit your stand.

2. Social Media Magic

Digital marketers are like wizards on social media. They create posts with pictures and videos to show off your lemonade stand. They post these on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, so more people can see your amazing lemonade.

They also talk to people who visit your lemonade stand online. They answer questions and chat with your lemonade fans. It’s like having a friendly chat with your friends.

3. Making Cool Websites

You know how cool treehouses are? Well, a digital marketer helps businesses build awesome treehouses on the internet, called websites. These websites tell people all about the business. For your lemonade stand, they’d make a website showing pictures of your stand, the menu, and how to find you. It’s like building a lemonade stand online!

4. Finding the Right Friends

Digital marketers help businesses find new friends, but not the regular kind of friends – they find customers! They use special tools to show your lemonade stand to people who might like it the most. They make sure the people who see your lemonade are the ones who love lemonade the most!

5. Playing with Numbers

Digital marketers are also like math detectives. They look at numbers and charts to see how well your lemonade stand is doing online. They can tell if more people are coming because of their hard work. And if they see something isn’t working, they figure out how to make it better.

6. Sending Fun Emails

Have you ever got a birthday card in the mail? Well, digital marketers send fun emails to people. They might send emails about special lemonade deals or new flavors you’re trying. These emails make people smile and want to visit your lemonade stand again.

7. Being Creative

Digital marketers use their creativity to make things look super cool. They design eye-catching posters, create fun videos, and make your lemonade stand stand out from the rest. It’s like decorating your treehouse with the coolest stickers and paint!

8. Listening to People

Remember when you talk to your friends and listen to their stories? Digital marketers do that too! They listen to what people are saying online about your lemonade stand. If someone says they love your lemonade, they’ll say thank you. And if someone has a suggestion, they’ll listen and maybe make your lemonade stand even better.

9. Learning All the Time

Digital marketers are like students who never stop learning. They always want to know what’s new and cool on the internet. This way, they can use the latest tricks to help your lemonade stand shine even brighter.

10. Making Friends Forever

The most important thing a digital marketer does is help businesses make friends forever. They make sure people remember your lemonade stand and keep coming back. It’s like having a lemonade party with your best buddies all the time!

So, there you have it, little bloggers! Digital marketers are like magical helpers for businesses on the internet. They use words, pictures, and lots of creativity to make businesses like your lemonade stand super popular online. Remember, you can be a digital marketer too someday if you want to help businesses make more friends. It’s a fun and exciting job, just like being a blogger!






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